Victor "Spinnin" Lopez


Always Bangin' Them Beats! Straight from Chicago and now residing in AZ. Check out VSLs  live show on Facebook and listen on the stream every Saturday at 12PM Eastern time!

DJ Personal


An energetic yet humble DJ thats spins all types of music. From Springfield, MA where freestyle has a huge following. His charisma and energy flows into his mixing style. Check him out on Facebook Live at 6:30 PM Eastern!

Tha HouseWife


Tha Housewife is cookin' up some hot Freestyle Mixes. Every last Friday of the month at 2PM Eastern! Facebook Live!

Mista Perez


Master Producer and Mashup-Master, Mista Perez will make your head bob with his "out of the box" mixing style and on the fly mash-up madness. Live on the stream every last Tuesday of the month at 10:30 AM Eastern.

DJ Fuligem


A flawless mixmaster straight from Brazil. His magical, seamless mixing style will hypnotize you and keep you wanting more.

Back to the beats the prodigal son Stevie B Johnny O

Carlos Gomez (The Prodigal Son)

DJ Carlos, Owner/ Operator of Freestyle4Ever. His humble beginnings started in Springfield, MA where he and his best friend Alex would spin Freestyle records in a basement as teenagers. Spinning at local bars and rockin' house parties. Now he maintains this site to do his part (along with the F4E DJs) in keeping Freestyle ALIVE.